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  • How do I join TicketHour website?

In order to become a member, click on the “Register” button on the top left of the website and fill in the registration form. After you have completed the form, click on the “Register” button. The system will check that all required fields have been completed and notify of any information that remains to be entered. Upon submission of a completed form you will receive a registration confirmation email.

  •  How can I login to TicketHour website?

In order to login to our website click on the "LOGIN" button; then enter your user name and password in the text boxes and click on the “Log-in” button.

  •  How do I change/ modify my account information?

To change/ modify your account information, simply click on the “My Profile” link and login to the system. Update the information as desired and click the “Update” button when you are finished.

  •  What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password you can use the “Recovery Password” tool. Enter your email address in the text box provided and click the “Send” button. An email will be sent to your email address containing a new temporary password, which you may change after you complete successfully your login.

  •  Browsers supported

Tickethour’s website has been tested on a range of modern web browsers. We aim to support the following:

For enjoying the highest possible level of security and web browsing experience, please keep your web browser applications updated with the newest versions suggested by each browser application vendor.

Because our pages are being maintained in an everyday basis, it is possible that may not always function as expected. If you notice a problem that may affect the purchasing process, please let us know through: info@tickethour.com

  •  Why are some tickets priced differently within the same section?

In many cases, seats of the same section belong to different price zones and therefore differ on price. All prices are being controlled by the events’ organizers; therefore TicketHour should not be held responsible for price difference.

  •  How can I choose seats?

In order to choose seats usually there are two functions:

Automatic Best Seat Selection: select the section of your choice and the system will automatically give you the best available seats within the particular section

Choose Seats: select the section of your choice and its seating plan will appear. The colors will guide you on availability (green seats: available – red seats: non available).

  •  Will all of my seats be together?

Given that you have chosen the Automatic Best Seat Selection method and the same price category, yes, all your seats will be together, unless, of course, you pair your tickets otherwise.

  •  How do I pickup my tickets?

It depends on the delivery method you have chosen while completing your order.

In “Pickup at Venue Box-office” method you may collect your tickets from the event’s registered box-offices (operating hours are mentioned within the reservation confirmation email).

If you choose the “Courier” delivery method, you will receive your tickets at the address you have stated during registration. Delivery is made in all cities and their suburbs only, out-of-bounds deliveries are picked up from the nearest ACS store.

If you choose the PrintCopy@Home delivery method, given that your order has been places succesfully, you will receive a Reservation Confirmation email, which will include attached your vouchers in a PDF form. In order to enter the venue you just need to print the vouchers in on a white A4 paper. For safety reasons please hold with you an ID or other identification document. To open the PDF files you need the acrobat reader installed; if you do not have it, download here.

  •  Payment Options

 You can pay by:

 Credit Card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard

 Debit card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard

 Pre-paid payment cards: Visa

 ·Security during transaction

Tickethour provides secured transactions; all users’ data (personal or card details) are encrypted using the SSL protocol to ensure their security and confidentiality. Moreover, our website uses the 3D Secure authentication protocol, which ensures that even if your card is stolen, it cannot be used without the specific IPIN password.

  •  What is 3D Secure IPIN?

An identification through 3D Secure protocol requires the use of an additional password called 3D Secure IPIN. Each time you try to use your card for an online transaction you will be asked along with the rest of the card data (i.e. number, expiration date, security code) to enter the IPIN password. To obtain this password you have to require it from your card’s the issuing bank (if supported).

  •  How do I know that my order is completed successfully?

At the last step of the purchasing procedure, given that the order has been placed successfully, you will see your “Order Number”. Furthermore, you will receive a Reservation Confirmation email that will contain the order’s number and data.

  •  I gave my credit card number while placing my order, however, I did not receive a “completed successfully” message. What is going on?

Given that your order has been placed successfully you will get a reservation confirmation email containing the reservation number. In any other case your order has failed and there will be no charge on your credit card. For more information you can always contact TicketHour.

  •  I run out of time and I my transaction has not been completed. Will I be charged? What should I do?

If you run out of time trying to complete your purchase, your card hasn't been charged yet. We allow you approximately 8 minutes to complete your transaction after which the tickets will be released for others to buy. If you still want to proceed with your purchase, make sure you empty your basket and start all over.

  •  What is the Process Fee and the Transaction Fee?

Process Fee: Α service charge (often called a convenience fee) that serves as additional compensation for the company facilitating the transaction. The benefits of such service are:

 - A 24/7 availability

- The ability of obtaining the best available seats, especially during pick season sales, instead of receiving the remained ones through the box office just before the event starts

- The ability (depending on the merchant) of choosing specific seats/ seats of your choice.

Transaction Fee: The percentage amount that is charged over the total of the transcation, which corresponds to the bank's commision for the completion of transcations by credit cards.

  • What if the event is cancelled?

    For cancelled events, the organizer will inform you in time regarding refunds or ticket reissues in case the event is rescheduled. In the event of approving the cancellation of a transaction, only the face value of the ticket is refundable, not the Process Fee and the Transaction Fee.  For any inquiry you can also contact us via phone on 77 77 7040 or on TicketHour Info.

  • Can I cancel my order?

           Unfortunately, all sales are final, and we cannot issue refunds, cancellations or exchanges. Make sure before completing your order that you have chosen the desirable tickets.

  • How do I contact TicketHour?

Click on the “Contact Us” button on the top right of the website if you need assistance. Authorised personnel will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Remember! Clear and specific points are easier to understand and therefore you will receive a better and fastest assistance.

  • Sales through the Box Office of ACS Couriers 

ACS Courrier's stores serve as ticket offices for our company all over Cyprus. If a customer visits any ticket point and purchases tickets by paying cash, there is no additional charge and normally pays the ticket price set by the producer / organizer.




Phone. +357 77 77 7040

Email: cy-info@tickethour.com